Eternal Thoughts

*The following thoughts are not intended as a force-feed session, but rather, a “food for thought” plug.

This blog covers many topics. All of which are not only important to me, but they also fascinate me. Style, food, shopping, socializing, reading and writing are all covered here, and they play a huge role in making my life exciting-diverse-current. However, I would be remiss if I spent my thoughts, time and focus on such topics without first acknowledging and fostering the relationship I have with the Creator of the Universe; my Savior and best friend. Here, under “Eternal Thoughts,” I want to take the time to quickly share with you the truth that has both transformed and directed my life.

Before you wince at the hints that I’ve already dropped towards so-called, “religious affiliation,” I urge you to take heart in my shared feelings on the subject. While I am certain of and committed to the concepts of Absolute Truth and a Holy God, I am grievously disgusted by the hate, self and hypocrisy-ridden version of religion that exists today. The way that humans have taken a beautiful truth and used it to satisfy and compensate for their own insecurities and prejudices is a terrible travesty. However that beautiful truth, and what it really stands for is, quite simply, the most perfect picture of love that ever was, is, or will be.

That perfect love—which comes from God—was displayed on a cross by His son, Jesus Christ. There on that cross, He sacrificed His own sinless and perfect life for the World and all who would one day be born into it, so that we could have eternal life with Him in heaven. On that day, Jesus died and rose from the grave three days later, conquering death and repairing the divide that sin had created between God and man.

I am a Christ follower. Meaning, simply, that my purpose and desire above all else is to live in association and—for lack of better explanation— “apprenticeship” with Jesus Christ. It is through a continued (and often botched) relationship with Him as the Lord of my life that I can know beyond the shadow of a doubt I will one day be with Him in heaven. I acknowledge that without the sacrificial trade of His life for mine—and yours, the end of my existence would result in my eternal separation from God and all that is good. I believe in love over everything else, as Jesus did, and I have chosen to spend an eternity with Him. That is a choice that everyone must make. To be with Jesus for eternity, or without Him for eternity.


Have there been times when I was so utterly discouraged, turned off and confused by people within the Christian church? Yes. Have I been hurt by the people within its walls? Yes and yes. However, the reason these churches exist, the commonality that brings so many flawed people (myself included) together over and over again, is also the very same reason that I stay in the church. The Jesus of the bible, our salvation and example, is that reason and the cause for Christianity. So, if I had one message for the awesome individuals who stop by my blog, it would be this:

“Humans are messy. Therefore, groups of humans—in this case Christians—can be even messier. If we have hurt you, I am sorry. And if we have made the idea of Jesus unattractive, hypocritical or hateful then I am INFINITELY sorry. If you do nothing else to entertain the idea of Christianity, I urge you to do one thing… and that is to look at Jesus. Investigate His life, His friends and followers, see His mission of love and how flawlessly and fully He completed it on this earth. That, in its entirety, is the core of Christianity. It is, arguably, the only thing that matters.”

If you do not want Jesus because of who HE IS, then that is your prerogative, but if you reject Jesus because of who certain Christians or other people have made Him seem through their [our] behavior, then I urge you to look closer than the flawed humans who are trying to represent Him. Because, unfortunately, we will mess it up, and we always have. Aaaand with that all that said… Welcome to Sand & City! Stay as long as you like, no matter who you are or where you’ve been.


I may not know you yet, but I love you for who you are. And although it’s become a cliché, Jesus loves you, too. Really.



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