Master Bathroom Rehab Pt. I

When we last “spoke,” I was describing our recent home drama. Now, two weeks later, the rehabilitation is finally under way. Our bathroom has been dried out, emptied, and gutted. After the initial “gut” process, it looked like this: I know, I know. It’s rough looking. The parts of the wall that are missing are from…

Waiting Game

A lot can happen in a week. Better yet… a lot can happen in a day, even an hour. It’s no short story, but Colt and I had a little surprise a couple weeks ago, that forced us to make some adjustments to our (otherwise) comfy lives.

The Monthly Edit: August

  SO much visual gold to discover this month! Click the links below to find out more:   Let’s Indigo, Go, Go A Winning Combination Insta-FavoriteInsta-Favorite All “Choked” Up Callaway Gardens, GA   Have the happiest of Tuesdays!

The Definitive List of Cool Dresses for a Warm, Summer Pregnancy

The first thing people (mainly strangers who want to comment on the bump) like to state, after finding out that I’m due in September, is the ever-so-obvious: “Wow! So you’re gonna be pregnant through the hottest months of the year!” “Oh. Really? I hadn’t thought/cried about that yet. You’re the first person to inform me of my plight…” I’m being…

The Monthly Edit : July

    SO much visual gold to discover this month! Click the links below to find out more:            

Hello, 3rd Trimester.

28 weeks. What the WHAT??! I am almost a mom. There’s almost a literal, physical, baby in our home. …in our FAMILY! To quote every basic chick out there, “I literally can’t even.” *** I’m not the weekly bump shot type, but entering in to the third trimester seemed worth at least some documentation. I mean, there’s…

How About Some “Afters?”

You may remember the “Progress” pictures from last year or, more recently, the images I posted during all that “DIY Nostalgia” I was having. Either way, I thought the whole messy/torn up home pictures might be getting old, so it’s about high time I show some of the post-improvement photos …How about it? \\ THE…

Summer #Goals

Every. Stinking. Year. I make plans and dream about what summer will bring. “How amazing would it be to throw a summer soiree with friends in our little backyard?” “How perfect would another trip to the Bahamas be?” “What if I finally learned to surf?” “Let’s go on a Kayaking trip!!” The list goes on and on. Some…

A Dash of DIY Nostalgia

Colt and I are in the throws of yet another home improvement adventure (more to come, on that, soon!). And this time, it’s the kitchen. I’m beyond excited for the end result, but also suuuuper over the whole “make 100% of your meals in the microwave or toaster oven, while kneeling on the floor in the dining area”…

2 Years, Today

“Maybe…you’ll fall in love with me all over again.” “Hell,” I said, “I love you enough now. What do you want to do? Ruin me?” “Yes. I want to ruin you.” “Good,” I said. “That’s what I want too.” -Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

“Try it” Tuesday, pt. III

Yay! New look for the blog and a new post! Today’s “Try it” post is full of some awesome ideas/trends to carry in to the Spring/Summer seasons.

Morning Routines & Short(er) Hair

  Go ahead! Ask my mother. Even my father, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends and sometimes exasperatedly, my husband will tell you. My morning routine is crucial. So crucial, that I make time for it, regardless of how early I have to wake up (surprise: it’s been 4 am, more than a few times). Call it crazy, call it obsessive, but….  

“Hi! My Name is Emma and I’m an Over-Sharer…”

  We live in a strange time. Our generation is married to a life of boundless internet publication, idea-driven forums and a maxed-out use of our First Amendment rights. Opinions are everywhere. Facebook statuses, twitter posts and photo diaries give us a chance to “live stream” our feelings, thoughts and desires without having to look…

A New Year’s Shoot //

It’s been a very long while since I’ve stopped by my own blog… (oops)… So, I figured it was best to drop some fun pictures off, here, and buy myself some time to get cracking on some actual content. During our trip to Phoenix, to see friends/family and visit our favorite old spots, we were…

A Little Recap…

    This weekend is a pretty busy one (surprise, surprise! … It’s December.), starting off with Colt and I’s first hosted event in the new place, a little “Winter Soiree.” Only joking about the soiree part.