“Quick & Easy” Mobile for Baby C.

Happy Tuesday, friends! I thought I’d share a quick DIY project that I dreamed up this past weekend. As you know, the nursery is predominantly neutral, with touches of ocean and coastal colors and shapes. So finding a mobile was very difficult. Everything was just too darn complex. The colors were loud or they felt too…

The Monthly Edit: August

  SO much visual gold to discover this month! Click the links below to find out more:   Let’s Indigo, Go, Go A Winning Combination Insta-FavoriteInsta-Favorite All “Choked” Up Callaway Gardens, GA   Have the happiest of Tuesdays!

The Monthly Edit : July

    SO much visual gold to discover this month! Click the links below to find out more:            

Impromptu Kitchen “Remodel”

It started on a whim, one Saturday, when my friend and I were thinking of a “rainy day house project” to do together. My eyes would drift over the kitchen’s yellow(wish) formica counters, the inside of me screaming “LET’S RIP THIS CRAP OUT!!!” Externally, of course, I just bit my tongue. The kitchen was a…

Recipe From a Friend

The art of good, clean, delicious cooking is just one of the many things that this friend of mine is skilled at. He and his wife are both fabulous human beings with a heart for people, travel and food: Organic, of-the-earth food. It was from them that I learned how communal cooking can actually be….

“Cloak and Dagger” Kitchen Plans

I’m probably somewhere in the middle on the “keep it cool” scale; never way down at “Only my close friends and family know what state I live in” but also not up there with “Everyone knows how many sticks of gum I’ve had today.” I try and try to be a smidge more cloak and dagger about…

A Dash of DIY Nostalgia

Colt and I are in the throws of yet another home improvement adventure (more to come, on that, soon!). And this time, it’s the kitchen. I’m beyond excited for the end result, but also suuuuper over the whole “make 100% of your meals in the microwave or toaster oven, while kneeling on the floor in the dining area”…

“Try it” Tuesday, pt. III

Yay! New look for the blog and a new post! Today’s “Try it” post is full of some awesome ideas/trends to carry in to the Spring/Summer seasons.

That Awkward Corner

It’s just… awkward. That corner, there, to the left of the sliding windows, crammed between the walkway and our cozy living room set up. It lies, chock-full of potential, yet, so strangely shaped, that I have found myself walking past it’s unfinished parameter for months, now. “It will come to me…”  

Curating for the Senses \\ 1

I may be the only person in the world that does this (so if I am, judge away!) but sometimes, when I’m scrolling my insta-feed, I come across a picture that reminds me of a song or a scent or even another image. And, I’m not talking about the caption–I’m talking about the visual, textural elements of certain photos, making…

Too Good to Be True ‘& Other Stories’

Given my current need to save cash for our upcoming home remodel, I have spent the last couple months trying to divert my wandering eyes from the latest summer trends. This collaboration however, was too beautiful to ignore.

Gilded Nutcrackers

I was prepared to spend a little on Christmas decor this year, I really was. My mind was set on the coveted, monochromatic nutcrackers that West Elm so effortlessly turned in to the “it” object for every modern-minimalist-hipster-midcentury household. However… when December rolled around this year and my hunt for said object began, I found…

Hey, Twinkle Toes

Everyone knows that sneakers are in. Wear them with dresses, wear them with slacks, shorts, skirts… anything. Stepping in to a pair of fresh, new sneakers is the perfect way to add “casual-cool” to your ensemble and plus, they’re so. darn. comfortable. I’ve been loving the trend, myself, and recently came across a pair of Miu Miu…

DIY Designer Candle

  In Monday’s ‘Weekend Wrap’ I promised to post a DIY project by the end of the week. Am I a tiny bit ashamed that I’ve waited until the last minute (technically, hour) to deliver on my promise? Yes. But am I delivering, nonetheless? Also yes. I have another awesome project on the way very…