Sand and City is a lifestyle blog that highlights what it means to live a life of creativity, style, health and purpose in my own, early years of marriage and motherhood. I want this space to be about documentation as much as it is about growth. Sharing favorite recipes, styles and home decor projects is just a small part of what I hope women in the Sand & City community can find unity in. My personal interactions with food, style, art and activities, here, in  Jacksonville, Florida are just the start of what I hope will be a marketplace of vibrant life.

A few things about me:


Married to the ever fascinating,  dashing, and brilliant, Dr. Colt Cowdell

Lived in Orlando, Phoenix and currently resides in Jacksonville

Graduated from The University of Central Florida with a Creative Writing Degree

Loves, LOVES, mornings, coffee and plant-based eating

Hates the taste of beer, beef and sushi

Prefers neutrals over bright colors, and gold over silver

My style is a confusing and wonderful combination of menswear, glamor, and boho –

                                                                   anything goes these days…right?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom Reigle says:

    Hey there Mrs Emma Cowdell, love this blog! I miss hearing about you and Colt. Emma is way too busy these days! Happy to see you are happy and loving life. We are a dear friend to my Emma. Love You!


    1. Emma Cowdell says:

      Oh my! I miss you and your amazing family way too much. I have been catching up with Emma the past two days and missing when we lived together, big time. Love you too!


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