Master Bathroom Rehab Pt. I

When we last “spoke,” I was describing our recent home drama. Now, two weeks later, the rehabilitation is finally under way.

Our bathroom has been dried out, emptied, and gutted. After the initial “gut” process, it looked like this:


I know, I know. It’s rough looking.

The parts of the wall that are missing are from a combination of water damage and old shower tile removal. The floor tiles were scraped up (thank you Colt! That is NOT a fun process…) and the vanity was ripped out. Oh yeah, fun fact: there was a cast iron tub in there, too. Colt removed that single-handedly, in an “I have a son on the way and I don’t have time to wait for help” fit, last Saturday. Yes. We’re both a little crazy at this point.

Anyway, The contractors have officially taken over the project, and things are moving along slowly but surely! As of Tuesday night, we had the plumbing refitted for walk in shower and, the  walls had begun to be framed as such.


Tuesday Night

Then came the rest of the backer-board and the floor leveler on Wednesday…

Wednesday Night

Thursday consisted of the waterproofing process (Red Guard, more backer-board, etc.) and the beginnings of FLOOR TILE! This is where things get a bit more fun.

Thursday Night

Loving the hex tile already!! Yes, yes, yes.

The overall vision for the bathroom (thus far)  is lots of black and white with light wood finishes and modern accents.img_2573

Fingers crossed that it will be completed before my induction on ThursdayYes, you heard right… I’m still pregnant. Hello 41 weeks!

More updates coming soon! xoxo,




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Patti Reigle says:

    I will be praying on Thursday for you!


    1. Emma Cowdell says:

      Thank you!! We will send pictures. xo


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