Waiting Game

A lot can happen in a week. Better yet… a lot can happen in a day, even an hour.

It’s no short story, but Colt and I had a little surprise a couple weeks ago, that forced us to make some adjustments to our (otherwise) comfy lives. The incident occurred just as I completed my 36 week “nesting” spree (although, lets be real… I “nest” even when I’m not pregnant), and feeling like our place was finally “just right” for bringing our little one home. In my idealistic head, it was all sorted, straightened and sparkling-clean, ready for the coming weeks of visiting family and friends, while also being a stress-free environment for me to recover in, upon leaving the hospital with a  new baby. Check, check and CHECK.

Well… not really. The very next night, a pipe burst in our master bathroom, causing what seemed like a fire hydrant stream of water to flood our bedroom hallway, kitchen, laundry area and other surrounding spots. In an hour or less, our home had gone from “ready” to “construction site.” Flooring was torn up, tile was stripped, and baseboards were pulled off, to allow for sufficient drying of our walls and other home elements. Basically, just picture our home littered with ominous, exposed carpet tacks, concrete and lots of drywall dust. Cozy, right?!

Here we are today, overwhelmed, busy and expecting a newborn any day now. It’s laughable, really. I’m 38 weeks along and living in a half finished house.

Regardless, here’s the truth:

  1. It could be MUCH worse.
  2. I have my full health, my husband has his full health AND our son has his full health, as he gets the finishing touches placed on him, in utero.
  3. We are so fortunate to have an air-conditioned home to live in and a solid roof over our heads.
  4. My husband has a stable job.
  5. We have plenty of food, friends and family in our home and around us.

So that’s the short and sweet version of what our last few weeks have been like. In my currently hormone-flooded, overly-expectant, microcosm of a life, this seems like a huge deal. But don’t worry. I know better.



Moving on. So begins the waiting game. Our little one could be here any day, but meanwhile…This is 38 weeks.

We’ve moved in to the “I look (and feel) like a cartoon character” phase. I mean, how did my midsection get this big?



Happy Friday, friends!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma Patrick says:

    Actually crying right now…I think your pregnancy hormones are rubbing off on me so many miles away…I wish we were closer! You and Colt are already blessed with the most wonderful little family you could have ever prayed for! I can not wait to love on the little one and watch him grow throughout the years! Your home is overflowing with so much love, and that is all that matters at the end of the day 🙂

    P.S. I hope I am half as stunning as you are while pregnant!


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