Master Bedroom Refresh

Since Colt and I are about to become parents in the next month or so, I’ve officially begun making sure that our home is arranged accordingly. The main “arrangement” being that my office space has been relocated from what is now Baby C’s Nursery, to the bright little nook in our bedroom.


I love this space for so many reasons. The double sets of sliding doors and natural light makes any computer-bound task SO much more enjoyable. I love the simplicity of this desk and the newly-necessary organization that is required to make the “sleek and simple” look work in here. No extra paper on the desk, no randomness. Everything has a home and it makes life exceedingly more simple when the time comes to find said object/form/piece of paper.


I’ve always been a huge fan of the brightness and shape of our bedroom, so working in here has been unexpectedly cathartic. Plenty of space but also plenty of style and purpose to every inch of the room.


I simplified the bench area from how I had it a month ago, as the whole “gallery wall” thing had started to become less and less appealing to me, in our place. I love the way the large-scale photograph looks against the black wall. Clean, shapely and full of depth.


The prints in our room are both taken by my personal favorite photographer, Colt Cowdell. *smirk*

Lucky for me (and our walls), his prior life out west was always spent traveling and exploring the various desert scenes and roadways. The color photo by the bed is an image he took in Moab, while the black and white photograph (above the bench) is a road that heads out of Phoenix, I believe. Something about seeing that open road and clear sky each time I wake up, makes the day’s potential seem more… tangible, I suppose.



Okay child in my belly… it’s probably time for you to arrive now. Save your mother from rearranging yet another already “finished” room in our home. Your father would most definitely appreciate it!


xoxo Happy Wednesday!



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