“Quick & Easy” Mobile for Baby C.

Happy Tuesday, friends! I thought I’d share a quick DIY project that I dreamed up this past weekend. As you know, the nursery is predominantly neutral, with touches of ocean and coastal colors and shapes. So finding a mobile was very difficult. Everything was just too darn complex. The colors were loud or they felt too “theme-y.”

Now. To give credit where credit is due, I was browsing the web for something, anything, that would work, and I came across this DIY by Just the Bee’s Knees and I knew I could improvise something on my own. Fast-forward to the next day and I’m at Michael’s, browsing the isles for anything white, grey, or wooden. What I came up with was simple, but (in my opinion) perfect for this space.


All you’ll need is a few wooden beads, an embroidery hoop, some string and a bag of pom-poms!

Specifically, I used:


Once you have  all your supplies, you’ll start by choosing a pattern for your mobile. In creating mine, I chose to use 8 strings, each with the same pattern: 1″ bead,  3/4″ bead,  pom-pom,  5/8″ bead,  pom-pom. Stringing the beads and pom-poms was simple, using a large embroidery needle and looping them through twice as I worked my way down [see image below].


I tied a knot on the end of each separate string and then wrapped the top end of the string around the embroidery hoop, gathering all 8 of them at the top to form a “peak,” where I knotted them all together. I hid said knot with two more beads (the 1″ and the 3/4″) and then attached another piece of string to the top of that, in the length I wanted it to hang from the ceiling.


Confused? Me too!

Point is, simply tie, tuck, wrap and improvise until it looks the way you want it to. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold up there without falling or dropping beads, but also doesn’t need to be able to withstand a hurricane… ya dig??


Happy DIYing!




I have not looked in to the actual safety requirements/ rules that apply to baby mobiles, and their hazards! This is meant to serve as decoration for the time being (the first several months, baby will be sleeping in our room, anyway) and will be re-assesed when the time comes for it to be actually put to use. Please use with caution and at your own risk! XO


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  1. fashionfoodiefiles says:

    Love this idea Emma!!!!!! So cute and creative!!


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