The Definitive List of Cool Dresses for a Warm, Summer Pregnancy

The first thing people (mainly strangers who want to comment on the bump) like to state, after finding out that I’m due in September, is the ever-so-obvious: “Wow! So you’re gonna be pregnant through the hottest months of the year!”



I hadn’t thought/cried about that yet. You’re the first person to inform me of my plight…”

I’m being dramatic, of course, about the crying thing… but I’ve gotten close. The bigger you get, the more your body transforms into a furnace, of sorts. Internal heat + external, summer heat = HOLY SMOKES. I will never stop sweating.

That said, summer is such an amazing time of year, and the sweltering heat shouldn’t be allowed to keep your pregnant self from partaking in the fun of it all. Barbecues, beach days, picnics and pool-side lounging can still be enjoyed with a little hep from your closet (or closest Forever 21).

I’ve put together a little list of my go-to dresses for staying as cool and stylish as possible this summer.

Processed with MOLDIV
Left: Forever 21   //  Right: H&M
Processed with MOLDIV
Left: Thrifted  //  Right: Forever 21
Processed with MOLDIV
Left: Target  //  Right: ‘Bleuh Ciel’ brand found at Marshalls

all dresses 1


I’m 31 weeks and have yet to purchase a “maternity” dress, so these are all great purchases that can be worn again and again in the future. The trick is finding pieces with a longer hemline and a flowy body.

Happy Wednesday, friends! Stay cool.


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