On the Value of Life

I woke up this morning, heavy-hearted. Despite my complete faith in the sovereignty of God in my own life and the life of my family, the still, small parts of my heart can’t help but feel a bit of dread at the prospect of bringing a child in to this world. And then each time I begin to dwell on this, my mind quickly jumps to a more heart-breaking thought. …I am white. My husband is white. Our anxiously-awaited son will also be white. But what would I be feeling upon waking this morning, should my child’s or my skin be of any other color?

I hurt for the mothers and expectant mothers of black young men, who are at a loss for words this morning. What fear you must have for your son, as you hear news of yet another unjust, race-based murder. How could we still live in a world, where young, black men and women must live with constant fear and uncertainty about their safety in a public setting. Where a broken tail light could result in, not a traffic ticket, but being physically harmed… or worse?

It feels so antiquated, so inhumane.

How long before we realize that the marches and the protests for government intervention and protection will not solve our problem? The issue, sadly, is at the root of our nation’s worldview. Love must be cultivated and alive in the individual hearts of our population, in order for hate–and in this case, racism–to be truly done away with. We must first see through the eyes of Jesus, the Creator and author of life, before there can be a real change. Until we agree on the fact that all life is sacred, this issue will not dissapear.

I think about this decades-long fight for love and equality, and I can’t help but continually be brought back to the very sobering truth that our country is fighting a hypocritical fight against violence and injustice. We embrace and even fund the murder of so many young and unborn lives, while  becoming outraged by the death of a 30 year old individual at the same time.

So long as we continue to defend human life in bits and pieces, while attempting to ignore our nation’s blatant disregard for the unborn, we will never win this fight.

Love cannot be fully lived out, fully realized in our world until we decide that there are no “exceptions” to the sanctity and utter value of human life, from its start to its finish.

Every beating heart, every soul, matters more than we know. Every black life matters. Including the 17,800,000 black babies aborted in our country, since 1973. Including the 100+ unarmed black individuals killed by law enforcement officials in the last year.

Every man, every woman matters. Including you. Including me. Including our children and our children’s children.

We have to stop making exceptions, and stand for every life, “regardless of the color of their skin or the content of their character.” Regardless of age, maturity, mental state, physical bounds, or appearance. 

Yes, yes, yes #blacklivesmatter. They matter from the womb to the grave.

There is no law, procedure or regulation that can strip an individual of their humanity. The right to life is, after all, our first and foremost right as created beings. Black lives matter, because ALL lives matter.

What is required, now, is an outright END to the violence. What is required is a united front, protecting the sanctity of life.


To the families of ALL victims, from years ago to yesterday, you are being prayed for and you are loved.



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