A “Beachy Modern” Boy’s Room

In case you missed it, the decorating world has deemed “themes” as outdated, when approaching a room’s design. The new term is “feel,” and it’s oh-so-popular these days. Honestly, the entire concept gets a giant eye-roll from me, because who the heck cares what you call it? Just decorate your room. BUT, that said, there is a somewhat helpful reason/rule of thumb that usually goes with this switch in terminology.

It’s as follows:

Typically, the term “Theme” generates a gimmicky, match-y match-y look in an interior, which is something that the “pros” are very skilled at avoiding, and also the very reason why you tend to like the way they style a room better than the way you do it (or maybe that’s just me?).

The term, “Feel” evokes a sense of cohesiveness while shying away from that cookie cutter, big-box store look.  It opens up your decor to person items, heirlooms, expensive products and thrift store finds, alike. Going for a feeling of ‘Calm?’ use a soft, clean color palette and mix in gentle textures and clean lines. This way the brain will immediately sense what kind of style you’re going for in a room (as opposed to being forcefully TOLD).

…See what I mean? 

Now. I digress. On to baby things!

Baby C is fast-approaching (I’m 25 weeks along as I write this), and so is my need to have this nursery of his underway. I have been working furiously to find the right (budget-friendly) items for this space, as well as making sure that I have a cohesive direction for the over all–wait for it– “FEEL” of it.

I decided that it was only appropriate to mix a few of my favorite things in to the little guy’s room because, well, I’m the one that’s gonna be enjoying the decor the most… lets be honest. Those “favorite things?” Rattan, wood, shades of blue, tropical plants and patterns with hints of bright metals like copper and gold. Also, we live at the beach, so the “baby beach bum” undercurrent is, I think, a perfect choice for us, while the I needed it to remain fairly modern and textured, since thats our go to here at the Cowdell Casa.


Mood board and sources below, with real life progress pics to follow!

Baby C's Room 1.png

Baby C's Room 2



Sources: Pendant // Photograph //  Crib // Throw // Seagrass Basket // Pouf // Clothing Shelf + Chicken Planter // Wave Print // Shark’s Tooth Print //  Paint-Dipped Stools // Thrifted Acapulco Chair // Palm Leaf Mobile // Rubber Changing Pad // Vintage Dresser // Wooden Blocks


Happy Monday!



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