“Cloak and Dagger” Kitchen Plans

I’m probably somewhere in the middle on the “keep it cool” scale; never way down at “Only my close friends and family know what state I live in” but also not up there with “Everyone knows how many sticks of gum I’ve had today.” I try and try to be a smidge more cloak and dagger about things happening in my life, and I think I succeed to a certain degree. However, there are some things that are just too exciting not to share. Take, for example, the DIY progress we are making on our starter home. I’m fully aware that it’s been, like, the only subject discussed on here lately, but I feel that it’s with good cause. 

Two youngsters–a doctor and his starry-eyed, creative-wannabe wife–set out to purchase and transform a small home with very little funds or experience. The fact that we have not only avoided failure, but actually created results that make me (and perhaps only me, but who cares?!) swoon each time I step in to my house… THAT is worth sharing. And since the sharing of other, more seasoned, DIYers has been my literal bread, butter and Oxygen these days, it’s only fair to keep the “share train” moving.

So. I’m excited!

Let’s have ourselves a kitchen design board, shall we?

*first things first, the drop-dead gorgeous kitchen to the left (or at the top of the page, depending on what device you’re viewing this on) is by jhinteriors. Credit where credit is due, and all that…

Ok. Now. Three words that have repeatedly come to mind when thinking up what I’d like our kitchen to “feel” like:  1. Industrial,  2. Organic,  3. Bold

Industrial, because I want it to feel workable and not “brand new” (I’m definitely gonna get my wish, here. Our kitchen is far from brand new!)

Organic, because it needs to fit with the rest of our home. I love the feeling of raw and imperfect, mixed with fresh and “from the earth” products. …I want it to still feel clean! That’s a biggie in this household.

Bold, because that’s what it’s all about these days. I know that the serene, white on white, soothing kitchen pallets are in, but so are big, bold choices in color and material. I think I can go bold without going too much so.

The main elements that are going to make up the look for us: Concrete countertops, white subway tile + black grout, and black lower cabinets + gold hardware.

Processed with MOLDIV
image sources 1, 2, 3




Processed with MOLDIV
image sources 1, 2, 3


Processed with MOLDIV
image sources 1, 2, 3


And there you have it. Inspiration. Now on to the penny-pinching, cost-effective execution!

Happy Friday Eve, Eve!

Processed with MOLDIV


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