Morning Routines & Short(er) Hair


Go ahead! Ask my mother.

Even my father, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends and sometimes exasperatedly, my husband will tell you. My morning routine is crucial. So crucial, that I make time for it, regardless of how early I have to wake up (surprise: it’s been 4 am, more than a few times). Call it crazy, call it obsessive, but….

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Its been a slow and powerful progression, since my very early years. I’m thinking the beginning of it was my discovery of the bathrobe (at 7 years of age). Oh gosh. Like, logically, when do you wear those things? At night? Probably not. Perhaps you do, but they fit much better in the “squeaky-clean, post-shower, mid-breakfast” scene, complete with birds chirping, morning sun-soaked floors and the smell of coffee. Yesssssss. That is the time and the place for a good bathrobe wearing.

Now, not everyone is a “morning person,” and I hear that. Loud and clear. Growing up in a family of 6, there were bound to be a few “night owls” in the mix… and there were. I saw the stark difference between, say, my father (president and founder of the “morning person” club) and my eldest brother (“Hey! Creativity strikes after midnight…”), around 7 am. One has already finished his breakfast, made the bed and exercised, while the other’s eyes are still closed, as he stumbles towards the shower.

If you are in to mornings, typically your best and most productive moments will have all occurred well before noon rolls around. I have always known this to be true. the moment my eyes open, I’m euphoric. The cooing birds! The softly lit sky! I’m up before the world gets loud, ready for breakfast and excited about the day’s prospects. It’s truly Lamentations 3:23 being lived out, daily, in my life.

Processed with MOLDIVNo matter what happened the night before, there is no “clean slate” like the morning. Fresh. New. Full of mercy and grace.

SO. What does “the morning routine” look like for me each day?

Obviously, the times are subject to change with the ebb and flow of real life, but 98% of the time, it looks like so:

6:30/7:00-7:15 Wake up + make breakfast

7:15-7:30 Eat breakfast + quiet time

7:30-8:30 Drink Coffee + browse favorite blogs + check email

8:30-9:00 Personal writing time

9:00-nightime LIFE



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** Specifically, I like Ezekiel Bread for the toast, Earth Balance Spread for the “butter,”  Eggland’s Best Eggs for my egg whites, and my current favorite coffee is the Organic Signature Blend by Charleston Coffee Roasters.

I tend to get hooked on a certain breakfast and stick with it for months, until I need a change. This particular combination is great when my lifestyle is more active, as it provides me with plenty of healthy carbohydrates and lean protein (also… CAFFEINE!!!). And yes, you read correctly: I have 4 egg whites and 2 pieces of toast. Plus a whole grapefruit.

Breakfast, people: The second love of my life.


As I mentioned earlier, this routine is a priority, regardless of what I have going on in the day or what my schedule looks like. It’s probably pretty clear, given the times on my “hour by hour” morning routine that my current job/other obligations don’t require my attention until early afternoon. I’m not complaining about that. However, let it be said that I have had jobs, classes and commitments in the past that changed my schedule and set those hours back to starting closer to 4:45am, rather than 7am. What I’ve found to be important is making sure that the non-negotiable parts of your schedule (whether that be working out, having a quiet time, reading, having dinner with your family, etc.) stay in there, no matter what. Because life is crazy and your sanity is vital to everyone around you.  Amiright??


P.S. I cut something like 5 inches off my hair and now it feels like a pixie cut, although I’m sure it doesn’t really look any different. …It was time for a change!









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