That Awkward Corner

fiddle leaf, art, Mongolian fur chairs, reading nook

It’s just… awkward. That corner, there, to the left of the sliding windows, crammed between the walkway and our cozy living room set up. It lies, chock-full of potential, yet, so strangely shaped, that I have found myself walking past it’s unfinished parameter for months, now. “It will come to me…”  

“I’ll think of what to put there… someday.”

“Perhaps some shelves in the corner?”

“Just a seating area?”

“… Wait, no. Just a credenza… Maybe.”

“What kind of art for the wall?”

Needless to say, there has been MUCH indecisiveness and very little else.

Then, while writing in our current office/storage room, I happened to glance over at an item that had long sat in the corner; A painting of a Venice waterway that my grandmother had given Colt and I for our wedding. Given the piece’s meaning–my grandmother had commissioned it for me on our trip to Venice–and it’s beauty, we wanted badly to hang it in the house. But where? This was (and still is)  our only “real” piece of art, and yet, it sat, patiently waiting to be hung somewhere.

**Our home has taken a turn for the more “organic modern,” with a flare for certain midcentury lines and bohemian textures, so trying to find a spot for a painting that was a traditional mix of painterly realism and impressionist brush strokes was a bit daunting. 

Now, picking back up at my glancing at the un-hung painting in the corner… something clicked in my head that this might be the perfect art for that gaping corner wall. Never mind that it was a different style, a different “vibe,” than the rest of the room. I was determined to make it work. It would be just the right amount of “off beat” that we needed in there.

Originally the painting had a different, much more traditional frame on it, which I felt  was holding it back from properly fitting in to this room, so Colt and I spent $15 (THAT’S IT.) on some wood and a can of walnut stain to reframe it in a more contemporary fashion. Guys… Colt built it all by himself and I watched  we NAILED this project.

All the components for the perfect vignette corner are here, I feel like, but somehow I can’t get it “just so.”  There’s an awkward factor that is somehow, super hard to overcome,  but I plan to make it work.  As of right now, we’ve tried two different arrangements.

Arrangement 1:

fiddle leaf, art, Mongolian fur chairs, reading nook

Open and airy, with the fiddle leaf on the left side of the painting. I liked this because, originally, we had planned on placing a set of three shelves in the corner (in that white space above the end table). That way we could keep the end table clean and simple, while filling the shelves with some fun tchotchkes. I still love this idea, but with our schedules being what they are right now, taking the time to build these shelves was just not in the cards. So we moved on to the next layout.

Arrangement 2:

end table (sold out, similar HERE) / chairs (thrifted/redesigned by me) / dragon tree  (HERE) / self draining pot (HERE) / rug (HERE)

There’s a little more to talk about here, since it’s the layout that we are currently working with. I’ve spent absolutely zero time trying to find the perfect items for our little, white end table, mainly because of the whole time thing I discussed earlier. BUT, I think it looks good, nonetheless. I like the new Dragon Tree, as it definitely fills out that corner space well, and the chair placement works for me, but there still feels like something’s missing.

coffee table books (HERE, HERE, and thrifted) / bronzed glove form (vintage) / agate coasters (HERE) / wooden orb (old)

The colors in the painting are doing wonders for this room, though, I have to say. Bringing out blues and tans and greens…. Just such a neat piece. And with that new wooden frame… What’s not to love?! (I’m biased, so what?)

Processed with MOLDIV

Updates will undoubtedly follow, but this is the latest bit of fun we’ve been having around the old “Cowdell Casa.” Thoughts on what I’m missing, here? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Have a fabulous weekend!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Patti says:

    My vote would be #2, however, if I were to sit there I would need something for my feet. Nothing large just enough to rest my feet on, as my feet would not touch the floor, and I surly would not want to tuck them under me with all that white! (Love the chairs!) And, If I were sitting there I would need a place for my tea cup, as I am sure I would be reading in that wonderful space. You are a dear, Emma! Keep blogging. P.S. love the frame your husband is so handy!!


    1. Emma Cowdell says:

      Oh my! That’s brilliant! A little footrest or a pouf would be genius. Thank you! Your encouragement is huge! xoxo


  2. Emma Patrick says:

    I know what’s missing…ME! I would make the most perfect permanent accessory 😉


    1. Emma Cowdell says:

      Yes! You would absolutely be the perfect accessory. Xoxo Come back!


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