“Hi! My Name is Emma and I’m an Over-Sharer…”


We live in a strange time. Our generation is married to a life of boundless internet publication, idea-driven forums and a maxed-out use of our First Amendment rights. Opinions are everywhere. Facebook statuses, twitter posts and photo diaries give us a chance to “live stream” our feelings, thoughts and desires without having to look our audience in the eye, or face the consequences of any real opposition.

There is a handful of obstacles that come with these new social platforms, and yet, a fresh wave of inspiration has formed as an equally effective result. On the one hand, our relationships have become more one-dimensional and quite a bit less personal. But on the other hand, we are able to access great minds from different states, cities and countries, without needing to have a deep relationship (or any relationship at all) with them.  In my own life–the brave new world of penny-pinching–DIY living would literally never have been a possibility, were it not for the handful of “DIY Pioneers” that occupied the blog space before me.

I don’t know when our universal mindset shifted from “completing a project” to “completing a project and then sharing the project online,” but it certainly did. And now, as part of the latter-born blogger age, I find it all appealing. I know it’s what I want to do.

Unfortunately, wanting to do something doesn’t always come without an inner conflict, of sorts. I have struggled with whether or not I should continue putting so much energy in to this website. The question of, “but who really cares?” begins to needle my mind as I write most, if not all, of my content. But I love to write and create and share, so it only seems appropriate that I use this platform to do so; The freedom that it gives me creatively is worth a lot. So much so, that I continue to come back to it. Even after I spend weeks whining about the concept of “blogs,” and how they are “just too overdone.”

True, the blog concept is certainly overdone. In fact, there are currently over 152 million bloggers, typing and sharing their thoughts on the regular. That’s a figure that can make those of us struggling with the “who cares,” feel pretty darn irrelevant. BUT, with that excessive sharing comes an enormous amount of inspiration. For every piece I share, here, on Sand and City, there is a blogger/post/website that has inspired me to do so. It is a circle of encouragement and progression, from one creative person to another.

So, do I think that the overshare community has gotten out of hand? Yes.

Do I wish that some people would “dial it down” several notches on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms…like, ALOT? Yep.

Yet, on that very same note, do I enjoy the handful of bloggers that carefully and considerately create content for me to enjoy as I sip my morning coffee each day? OH MY GOODNESS, yes!

That’s why I continue to write, here. I want to share because I’ve been shared with.  I promise I’m not, in my heart of hearts, convinced that you sit on the other side of this web page, caring deeply about the kind of couch I bought last week. But I’ll still share that post about my couch, and a link for where you can purchase it yourself, should you have the desire. Because people have done that for me and I actually, greatly appreciated it when they did.

You see, the world is a huge place now, with so many stores and cities and recipes and artists and writers and LORD KNOWS how anyone would be able to access or learn about those things if people didn’t pass it all on.

What are your thoughts on the “over-share community?” Is it too much, or have you been able to look past some of the TMI, to gain some inspiration?




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma Patrick says:

    I CARE 🙂 Keep creating and styling. I’m taking notes and copying everything over here…still convincing Derek on the couch, I think the trial run this weekend helped my case just a little 😉 xoxo

    PS. This reminds me of our conversation about oversharing personal information on facebook lol.


    1. Emma Cowdell says:

      You are everything! Thank you for the constant encouragement!
      Um, I definitely remember that convo and I feel like I am that person.


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