Curating for the Senses \\ 1


I may be the only person in the world that does this (so if I am, judge away!) but sometimes, when I’m scrolling my insta-feed, I come across a picture that reminds me of a song or a scent or even another image. And, I’m not talking about the caption–I’m talking about the visual, textural elements of certain photos, making me think of other things and awakening/appealing to the other senses, which still, somehow seem to match the over-all “feel” of the photo I’m looking at.


That’s alright. I’ll show you.

Commence, my latest blogging brainchild… Curating for the Senses.

Today’s Instagram photo comes from @mia_colona, and it’s got me feeling these vibes:

visualsound and smell

How do y’all get inspired? Are your senses as intermingled jumbled hyper-imaginative as mine? …Or am I just nuts?



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