Entry Way, Entry YAY!


Remember how plans change? Me too.

There I was, a month ago, dreaming about the way this entry-way of ours would come about. Planning on a simple shelf and mirror, with a few neat items tucked here and there, and then…wham! A fabulous blogger threw me a bone. Instead of just a shelf, why not a shelf with drawers?!

Functional Colt voted “yes!” and Aesthetic Emma really did love the thought of a more console table-ish look. So, off I went to Ikea, to grab the Ekeby Alex shelf.

After going back and forth on what exactly we wanted to do with the shelf, we agreed that using it to create an actual table was best. Finding the legs for said table was relatively easy, thanks to the creative artisans at GardenGizmos. Their shop allowed us to get the exact leg height and style that we were looking for, at a reasonable price. Plus, American made goods are always an added bonus in my book.

Colt attached the legs to the bottom of the Ekeby Alex shelf with a handful of screws and it was done. A super simple, yet incredibly impactful new “console table” (Whoops! Those alliterations…). I was quite surprised at how effortlessly it came together, really. Since I am one of those individuals with tons of design opinions and very little design experience, I thought that creating a space that reflected Colt and I’s taste might actually prove difficult. “Making the home ‘reflect the occupant,’ and all that…” It took two full days of store hoping and combing through every spot I could think of for the right pieces. Colt was with me some of the time and I was alone for the rest of it.

// A piece of advice for those of you decorating a home that your share with someone else: unless you have been given full, verbal, and explicit decorative control over your living space, you may want to set aside some time to dive into their likes/dislikes, so that the place doesn’t end up being your paradise and their prison.

Colt and I like to make quick trips to the expensive and more “dream space” locations together, so we can weigh in on the yay/nay, hate it/love it trends as a team (and so that he doesn’t have to suffer through hours of sifting through thrift store goods with me, for whole Saturdays at a time). Win, win.

Below is a basic “before, during and after” break-down,  followed by more detailed “after” shots, to give you an idea of the current status of the new Entry Way. A bit of modern, lots of crisp whites and some organic elements, to boot.


New floors, fresh paint, new baseboards, stripped/resurfaced ceilings and new light fixtures…













Mirror: Ikea

Console top: Ikea

Hairpin legs: Garden Gizmos

Air plant: west elm (in store only)

Driftwood branch: thrifted

Geode: Homegoods

Marble stone: Homegoods

Clay jar: local find

Faux sheepskin: Safavieh

Stool: thrifted

Leather closet pulls: handmade // leather from Michaels; hex bolt from Home Depot




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