Brain Storming // The Entryway

My July objective is to decorate/ create the front entryway. Since the home decorating process can be fairly expensive and time consuming, Colt and I have decided to space things out month by month, leaving time to save up and enjoy other aspects of our life throughout the whole process. The entrance–obviously–is the first thing you see when you walk through the door, so I want the overall “tone” to be set there. I also want this space to be very functional, since that’s the sort of thing that really impresses my husband. If I could only count the times I’ve heard: “Ya, it’s pretty, but what does it do?”

(via: Smitten Studio, D Pages, West Elm)

This space will do a lot. Not only will it make the currently blank wall pop, but it will also function as an organized “catch-all” spot, to keep clutter from entering our kitchen/the rest of the house. Fingers crossed that it works out that way! Regardless, this is the concept I’ve thought up, and am hoping to execute here soon. Updates will, of course, be shared.

Step 1: Select, purchase and hang the floating, white console.

Step 2: Select, purchase and hang the large, round mirror. *I have my eye on IKEA’s Grundtal Mirror.

Step 3: Figure out a clever and functional spot for mail to retreat to, when it first comes through the door. My thought here, as you can see, is to use some agate book ends. They would make for an easy, double duty, decor/mail catcher (say that ten times fast!).

Step 4: Do a few more pieces of decor, including some fresh palm fronds in a sleek vase. We do live at the beach, after all!

And finally, step 5: Focus on the floor beneath the console… A neat basket with some ethnic character, some vintage kilim pillows or throws, a well-made stool with a faux sheepskin draped atop, etc.

I hope your weekend is fabulous. XO



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