Man’s Best… Man?

So here I am, taking a quick breakfast break* at the start of a rather hectic and home-improvement-laden day (the baseboards are happening), and Town & Country does the most unmerited thing. I call it eye piracy. You’re just making your way through the home page, or a quick article and BAM! a picture, so unavoidable, so fantastic, grabs your eyes and keeps them. In this case, the home page was T&C’s, and the picture was this:


I know, perfection.

Long story short, Martha Stewart and PetSmart have actually teamed up to create a bridal collection for your dog. The results?

Pure. Magic.

gallery-1433457784-dog-on-chair-082-d111997-vs-r4b gallery-1433457864-5233069 gallery-1433457939-5233004 gallery-1433458011-5233073

via: Town&Country

The new collection is available at PetSmart stores. Happy Friday and you’re welcome.

*Those of you, who know me, are fully aware that quick breakfasts have never existed in my 23 years of life. It’s a production. It’s always a production.




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