Life After Last Weekend //

The move-in is official. It’s come and gone.

About a year from now, Colt and I were making our way, jittery, across the country, in a 24-foot U-Haul. Destination: Jacksonville. And when we arrived, the sky opened up above us, in typical Florida fashion. Rain poured as we tried to run our items from the truck and up the long flight of stairs that greeted us, right behind the front door. We laughed that night, “of course it rained today…”

A full calendar passed, and we greeted our movers (my parents and not-so-little brother) at the base of those very same stairs, the same Florida rain falling. 

We packed what we could and moved the large items first, my mom and I making little trips back in forth with our cars full (I suppose that’s one of the biggest and best differences between this move and the last one… 3000 miles vs. about 10 miles).

A weekend of immense help from my family, and a large batch of pancakes later, Colt and I woke up to strewn belongings and a brand new home. It is truly amazing how different our little house looks now. Cork floors, bright, white walls and minor updates, are just the start.

We are sleep-deprived, callused and eager to get things “settled,” but are constantly reminded of just how fortunate we are. To even have the opportunity, the luxury of complaining about moving and cleaning means that we are alive and well, with working legs, arms, hearts and lungs. Life is very good, regardless of what our earthly possessions are or are not. Praise God!

I cannot wait to share the progress pictures with you all soon!

Have a fabulous Friday!




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