Changes have begun. Popcorn has been scraped, the baseboards pulled off, and the carpet ripped up. Had I known–like, really known–the amount of work that goes in to creating a blank slate in an old home, I would have probably run from the challenge. But oh, how happy I am that we went for it. My amazing and generous brother (who is essentially a funnier, taller, stronger version of Bob the Builder) has been making trips up from Orlando to help us with the tasks that we thought we could do ourselves.

We are now at the point where we start building it back up. The first step was electrical:

-Replacing the lights in the kitchen

-Moving light fixtures in the living area

-Wiring the area above the mantel for our TV.

For this, we’ve hired out with some awesome folks from Knight Electric.

Since that has been completed, we have moved on to drywall and ceiling texture. Given the age of our home and the minor inconsistencies with drywall texture, we opted for a low-key, “knock down” through the whole house. These changes alone have made such an enormous difference!

Colt and I have both agreed that this is when things get exciting.

Although, I should note that this is also when things get expensive, but… you know…

Now is the point where we get to choose our own materials, and put our own touch on the place. The excitement lies in the thought of going from this current “before,” to the “after” portion of the project.

And speaking of “before and after,” I am finding that the process of documentation is quite the task. For Colt and me, it really always is. Of the, perhaps, 25 photo-worthy trips that we’ve taken as a couple, so far, there have only been a handful of instances where it occurred to either of us that we should take a picture. So, naturally, our first home renovation nearly missed the chance to be documented. Right from the start, we were full speed ahead, often so pre-occupied with demoing the place, that we would forget to stop and take proof of its “before” condition.

Colt reminded me about half way through our first day, as we rid the place of its previous owner’s “personal touch” (a very nice way of putting it).

Here are some snapshots of the current state…

View of the Living Space and Doors to Back Yard
View of the Living Space and Doors to Back Yard
Living Area
Living Area
Fireplace and Dining Space
Fireplace and Dining Space

Slowly but surely.



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