Colt & Emma Find a House

My absence is not without excuse. Well, not really, at least. You see, the time has undeniably come for the Colt Cowdell family to find our first house…and that can be a TASK.

In the beginning, our thoughts on purchasing a home in Jacksonville were timid. Aside from the location of Mayo Clinic and the Atlantic coastline, we knew nothing of the city. Slowly, purposefully, we have made our way through its many different sectors, making mental notes of where we should and should not return to in the future. Getting to know the city was only part of it, though. In an unexpected twist, my time here in Jacksonville has included a change in my person (apparently this happens in your early twenties? Who knew?!). My likes and dislikes have changed slightly, my style has evolved and I have begun to really understand the type of people I desire to spend most of my time around. That said, the area where Colt and I want to live is now much different than, perhaps, where we might have chosen only 9 months before. Interesting stuff.

We settled on the beaches (Neptune, Atlantic, Jacksonville and/or Ponte Vedra) as our “must have” housing location. Over all, the people are more laid back, the views are gorgeous, the air is perfect and the restaurants are fabulous. Then, as we looked in to price range–as it relates to beach front location–we quickly realized that the quality and size of our little dream home was going to be far from desirable. So, several weeks later, a lot of re-evaluation and research landed us in Ponte Vedra Beach with a fabulous realtor and high hopes.

Offers, counter-offers and more counter-offers. We’re finally in the home stretch with the little beach house of our dreams.

\\ Stay tuned for updates and pictures! //

Have a great Tuesday.



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