Weekend Wrap 12.8.14

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Snapshots from my trip to Seattle (except these are pictures of Jacksonville and I was on my way to work).

On the cold mornings of late, it’s no longer enough to know that a hot cup of coffee is waiting for me upon leaving the warmth of my bed. It used to be enough, but now the air is as cold as it is wet, so… no thanks. Silver lining to this Monday dose of melancholy: Living in Florida during winter means that as soon as it dips down to an insufferable temperature, it will surely return to the mid to high seventies the next week. It’s like a sort-of “defrosting mechanism,” if you will. The weather aside, we’re inching closer to Christmas and the New Year! So much to be done before it arrives. Colt and I are having my parents and youngest brother up to our place for an early Christmas gathering this weekend, so the shopping and decorating continues at a faster speed than usual.

P.S. The Vintage Coach bag in the bottom right picture was found (by yours truly) sans shoulder strap, so I MacGyvered one out of an old, gold chain. Put a fun spin on it, I thought.

Have a wonderful week! See you soon!


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