Gilded Nutcrackers


I was prepared to spend a little on Christmas decor this year, I really was. My mind was set on the coveted, monochromatic nutcrackers that West Elm so effortlessly turned in to the “it” object for every modern-minimalist-hipster-midcentury household. However… when December rolled around this year and my hunt for said object began, I found that they were long gone. Not happening this year, apparently.


So, I did the next best thing and made them myself *smug smile* …for way cheaper. In our home, I like to keep things fairly simple with just a hint of sparkly and/or magic, especially when it comes to the holidays. In fitting with that theme, the nutcracker display I was envisioning would need to be comprised of some classic metallics, figurines of a few different shapes and sizes, and very little else. I headed to the Dollar Tree for the little guys and then to Joanne’s for the big nutcracker (he ended up being $9.99). Below, is a little visual reference of what to look for…notice what the big guy looked like at the time of purchase (except he also had a beard, which was immediately torn off [as a test] in the car on the way home), but you get the picture.


I purchased my favorite brand of metallic spray paint, Krylon, which seems to almost work in one coat. Still, I did two coats to be safe.

IMG_2517After ripping the beards/creepy head hair off of each nutcracker, simply spray them down with the paint, let them dry and admire your work. So. Easy.

Look! Now your trendy and crafty.

IMG_2518 IMG_2514

**For this particular arrangement, I added some clippings from our tree, my favorite candle and a $4 mirror plate underneath.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. This is pretty awesome, very creative! 🙂


    1. Emma Cowdell says:

      Thank you so much!


  2. Janet Stack Miller says:

    Very classy!!!


    1. Emma Cowdell says:

      Thank you so much! Love you!


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