Pending Visit: The Dean Hotel


I’ll be real, here. When I think of Rhode Island, my mind doesn’t usually flood with images of quaint, yet, modern designer/dreamer/adventurer-esque hotels, or at least it didn’t used to. That was until Remodelista introduced me to The Dean. Originally a 1912 Episcopalian social services center, The Dean is now a revamped and re-vibed, 52 room hotel in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island, that oozes with good-time vibes. For me, the rooms were the selling point. Vintage, with a minimalist twist, each room has a unique and practical layout. Great for, say, breakfast and books in bed, before a big day of exploring? Move downstairs and you’ll find coffee, karaoke, and a swanky lounge. Sold.

Fans of The Dean say:

“Occupying a historic building in Providence, The Dean lives up to its motto: “Old school meets new school.” Combining modern amenities with artisanal craftsmanship and antique furniture, the creative, luxurious décor upstages even the hipsters of Brooklyn.”                      -Madame, Air France

“It was only a matter of time before Providence, R.I., long a petri dish for eggheads, design wunderkinds and culinary aspirants, would get its very own vintage-y, self-consciously cool hotel.”   -T Magazine

… and my personal favorite, “God save The Dean.”

Suffice it to say, we’re absolutely pining to venture up the east coast, stay in the vintage rooms, borrow some bikes from the lobby (did I mention they provide bikes for their guests?) and explore the historic city for ourselves. What about you?

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images via (The Dean)

Have a brilliant weekend!


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