Oh, Thanksgiving.

The holidays are coming. Act prepared.

Even if you aren’t ready for this year’s rendition of the family-gathering, food-gorging, and football-fixated, Thanksgiving day (who ever really is?), I’ve got a thing or two that could help. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been asking friends and coworkers what their biggest woes have been as they prepare for the holidays and, in regards to Thanksgiving, I noticed a few of the same complaints across each group. Here, I’ll attempt to settle those topics and provide a little inspiration for those of you with a case of pre-holiday brain spasms.

“Help. I don’t know what to wear!”

This is an easy fix, thanks to the Internet and the recent years of our personal over-sharing of photographs/style blogging (your welcome). First, look to some of the well-established blogs like, Glitter Guide or WhoWhatWear, for outfit inspiration. Then, if you’re still stuck, try these three outfit boards that I’ve created just for youIMG_0838 IMG_0847 IMG_0858

Outfit #1: Dress (here) ~ Jacket (here or lots more that are similar here) ~ Lipstick (here) ~ Tights (here) ~ Booties (here)

Outfit #2: Dress (here) ~ Scarf (here) ~ Lipgloss (here) ~ Watch (here) ~ Loafers (here)

Outfit #3: Dress (here) ~ Botton Down (here) ~ Leather Jacket (here or here) ~ Slip-ons (here or here) ~ Ear Cuffs (here)

“Help. I can’t think of a fun dish to bring!”

Right there with ya. BUT, I recently found some fabulous and crowd-pleasing recipes that are sweet, savory and bound to earn your love.

  1. Low Calorie Stuffed Potato Skins from lowcaloriecooking.com 
  2. No-Bake Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes from A Family Feast 
  3. Healthy Green Bean Casserole from Laaloosh.com
  4. Raw Vegan Pecan Pie from Food52.com
  5. Mixed Vegetable Bake from Pillsbury.com 
  6. Mashed Sweet Potatoes from Popsugar.com
  7. Rockin Herb Rolls from Foodgal.com

“Help. My dining room table looks blah, and I’m hosting.”

This is an issue near and dear to my heart. Every year my mother and I spend much longer than necessary, contemplating the seasonal layout of our family table.

I’ve found that, of the many different tablescapes you could create, there are really three main themes that are trending this year.

1. Go simple. Find key pieces to place in the center of the table, but avoid over-crowding. IMG_7062

2. Get monochromatic. Set your focus on a straight-forward and minimal color palette. 52696e2434678$!600x

3. Embrace the “farm-to table” feel. Let your food be the focus.food to table

 images via (1. 2. 3.)


“There’s no such thing as ‘Thanksgiving Music’ …or is there?”

According to this girl, yes. There definitely is such a thing. I’ve spent the last month (if you asked Colt, he’d say it was longer) obsessing over the perfect mix of generational/seasonal hits for this often musically bypassed holiday. Feast (pun very intended) your eyes on this playlist and enjoy!

P.S. Chuckling at the clever playlist title is optional… But I certainly did.


**Click the picture above to go to the official Spotify playlist. 

Here’s to a great holiday, celebrating friends, family and the many blessings that are bestowed on us each and every day.



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