Weekend Wrap 11.10.14

SATURDAY ATTIRE                                                                                                                                                                       *Cuyana tote * Target Flowy Long-sleeve Tee * H&M Oversized Sweater * Payless Leopard Flats *

Once upon a weekend, a girl and her significantly better-looking husband took a little trip down to the lake. Dressed in their coziest knits and copper-colored pants (thank you, Banana Republic) they set up camp—chairs and blankets included—and cracked open brand new fishing gear with hopes of an experience that would make even Ernest Hemingway feel slightly jealous…

Spoiler alert: this is about Colt and I. Also… we caught nothing and Ernest Hemingway would have cried upon seeing our lack of game. However, the good news is, this trip was the first of many, a “practice run,” as it were. And the weather was absolutely perfect for cozying up in a flannel blanket on the bank of said lake, while ardently staring at my determined-to-catch-something, husband as he fished. We caught nothing short of some weeds, but we did happen to met lots of adorable dogs (one of which, was trained to hug people on command and that made my day/life).

On the style-front, I spent this weekend hunting for the perfect pair of booties (“perfect price” + “perfect look” = most illusive pair of boots in the world), and while I have looked everywhere under the sun, I haven’t exactly come across anything yet. Partially because, careful spending and wise purchases are a current mission for me, and—this is just a guess, but, impulse buying all my favorite clothes is most likely a “no” when it comes down to it. Also not helping with this new mission of mine: The LOFT team had our holiday meeting and style session yesterday. Oooh the clothing. Shipments arrive at the store today and will be—to put it simply—epic. Classic, layering pieces with the occasional sparkly/lacy add-ons are the norm, and the perfectly stitched cords and trousers that you’ll definitely come across as you browse the store, are just a plus. So. The struggle is real.

Regardless, there’s much to do this afternoon, including the upcoming post, “Thanksgiving-Prep Session,” (should be up later this week) to help free you from any last-minute décor, style, entertaining or food ruts, that you may have found yourself in.

I hope you all are feeling well, despite the impending sniffles season, and I wish you a very productive and joy-filled Monday.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” –Romans 15:13


Made THESE delicious Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls. <3
Made THESE delicious Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls. ❤
Style Session.

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