Dark & Disheveled

Infrequent are the days that I wake up and want to put on something other than a neutral piece of clothing.  Colors are great, and they certainly can do their part in adding a little pep to my occasionally stagnant, Wednesday afternoon step. However, my love for earth tones is an intense companion to have with me each morning, as I decide what I’ll be stepping in to. It whispers in my ear as I scan my closet, “Don’t wear blue. It’s too blue…don’t wear pink, because it’s pink and that’s also a color. Just wear beige. You love beige, remember?”

Yes. I remember. I always remember. And then I put on a white tee and jeans.

Clever intros aside, it’s therefore unnecessary to note that I chose a neutral palette this morning. I went big with brown and black. Lucky for all of you who share my love for wearing the darkest darks and the lightest lights, it’s fall. And this is our time of year. Wear black from head to toe (please do, you’ll look like a style goddess every time) or wear a camel coat with black pants and a white shirt. You’ll be sporting the very outfits that IT girls like, Olivia Palermo and Poppy Delevingne cut their stylish, little teeth on.

Still, what I love about this year’s approach to fashion is the leeway it’s given us to be a bit messy and baggy (aka comfortable) and yet tied-together with a splash of feminine structure of our choice. Preps and Bohemians, together, celebrate! Here, I went for what we call at work, the “half tuck.” It says: “I have a waist that I absolutely need you to see and yet, I can’t look like I spent too much time putting this little get-up together, so I’m only putting half my shirt into my pants.” Whatever. You know that’s accurate.

I am particularly fond of today’s look because it required both thrifting and DIY-ing. I’m no hipster, but I love a good project…and a deal. The jeans, which are circa last year’s H&M denim line, were getting faded and tragic (as black denim literally ALWAYS does), so I gave them a little slice across each knee and…voila! New jeans. To pair with the new denim, I got around to Goodwill and found this brown/taupe-patterned button down that reminded me of the 70’s and I fell in love. Washed it 12 times. Then wore it. The leather jacket is Forever 21 and I paid a normal price for it and didn’t cut it up or bedazzle it, so that’s most likely a win for you sane readers out there.

Enjoy my unique brand of modeling (jk) and have a great Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!


IMG_0797 FullSizeRender-3 IMG_0785



“Eat your heart out.”

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