Fall, Overall


I have news for you: Overalls are a thing. People are going to scoff, say they’re “hillbilly…” but I’m telling you they’re wrong. Overalls are currently taking over the streets, and have been since the spring. I’ll admit, the first time you step into them it feels a little strange, awkward, even. But as you move around in them, take a selfie or two, you might begin to notice that they have a certain laid-back, and classical vibe about them. When you find the pair that fits just right (and that might require a close relationship with the tailor), you will undoubtedly realize the endless possibilities behind them. For example, when I found my “perfect” pair, I was (of course) in the LOFT dressing room, staring at myself in the brightly lit mirror. The thought occurred to me, as I debated my overall-clad reflection, that there really were so many ways I could wear them. “Casual” with a plain tee, “seasonal” with a fitted plaid shirt and ankle boots, or even “formal” with an embellished tee and, perhaps, a leather jacket and heels? In my mind, it was a perfect investment, full of potential and a smidge of individuality. I wore them out and about this week and even transitioned them into dinner attire for my date with Colt, where I, by the way, passed by two, well styled individuals in overalls–Coincidence? I think not. I’m telling you, the retail world is catching on and I’m finding that more and more stores are featuring this trend in their fall lookbooks and store sets. So. If this weekend’s shopping venture leads you, somehow, to the question, “to overall or not to overall,” give it a try. You might be surprised.

Also, since my sassy readers might be thinking something to the tune of “she literally has no authority on the matter,” or “I don’t think there’s that much potential for wearing overalls,” or even just “#no,” I have prepared a little list of credible fashion sources for your viewing pleasure. Ta-dah!



                                         Style List

…and even Huffington Post 

                                                            Happy Friday everyone!



Tote: Cuyana, Overalls: LOFT, Tee: Everlane, Shoes: DIY

IMG_2245 IMG_2258 FullSizeRender IMG_2260 IMG_2261Me: feeling awkward, looking great.


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