These Grapes Were Made for Binging


Okay, perhaps you aren’t as impulsive/addictive of a person as I am, regarding food, but you’ll struggle. If you’re fond of the sweet and sour taste of, say, Sourpatch Kids, Gummy Worms, etc., then resisting the temptation to stuff the entire bunch of these grapes in your mouth will be tough. That said, you’ve no need to panic. There’s only two simple ingredients in this little recipe and one of them is a low-glycemic, low-sugar fruit. So. That’s a plus. You can munch these sparkly grapes without even a shred of guilt (like I do). 

You’ll need:

-1 bunch of seedless green grapes, removed from stems and rinsed with water

-1 pack of “Melon Fusion” Jell-o (unprepared)

IMG_1124The instructions are simple! 1. Pour the packet of Jell-o powder in to a large bowl or large ziplock bag (see photos). 2. Then place the grapes into the bowl or bag and shake, rattle and roll them all through the powder to ensure that each grape is thoroughly coated. 3. Gently transfer the coated grapes into a bowl and refrigerate for a few hours. 4. EAT. THEM. ALL.

Processed with Moldiv

Happy snacking!



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  1. awesome! such a good alternative to candy candy candy (which i love). I must try it!


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