Neutral Walls + Retro Marble

Just wait until you see the secret simplicity within the walls of this remodeled Belgian Castle. The bleak oak floors broken up by intermittent blue stone tile and spots of 70’s marble, paired with the milk-stained walls, give it an airy, dreamlike quality, and allow the natural light to flood each room. I was especially struck by touches of dark wood and silver appliances that add sparkle and separation in all the right places. As I scrolled through each room, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had, perhaps, stepped into an Agatha Christie novel.


The clean walls, and 18th century simplicity had me thinking that the next picture might include Jane Marple, sipping tea or Hercule Poirot puffing fervently on a Dublin pipe, while skimming the local gazette. Daydreaming aside, I think the property can speak for itself. Enjoy the view from photographer, Frederik Vercruysse’s, skilled lens.

Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-07 Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-01

Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-04 Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-16 Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-13 121005-DeRoodePoort-1-106412 130131-DE-ROODE-POORT-4-108990 Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-09 Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-11 Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-12 Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-15 Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-21 Buyse-Seghers-Architects-Frederik-Vercruysse-Photographer-Remodelista-19(via Remodelista)


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