Weekend Wrap 10.13.14

brunch + yummy coffee at biscotti’s

obsessing over my friend’s perfect geode necklace from shop orange boutique
Me in a new city = constantly getting lost, but getting lost sometimes means discovering neat, 19th century buildings.
A warm day in Orlando
Visiting with family and getting to see my brother and sister-in-law’s handsome (and happy) baby boy.

Hello, all! How was your weekend? It was a warm one, here in Jax, which doesn’t lend to a very “seasonal” feel,  but we’re excited that the leaves, sun and sky are beginning to adopt their annual, autumn hue. Still, we made the best of it by visiting with some family and friends. Saturday kicked off with brunch at the historic and delicious Biscotti’s of Avondale, where some great friends and I got to discuss our travel plans and some future post topics for the blog. Later, we headed downtown to support the Mega Pet Adoption Fair being put on by FCNMHP (First Coast No More Homeless Pets inc.). You guys. The turn out/selection of adorable animals was overwhelming. What an awesome organization and what a wonderful job on the city’s part, by adopting so many of these beautiful animals and allowing Jacksonville to continue having a “kill free” humane society.

Sunday was my dad’s birthday, so I headed down to Orlando for the day to celebrate with him and the rest of the family. Even though these times with them always seem so short, Colt and I are so incredibly thankful to be close to some family for these first few years of our marriage.

Hoping everyone has a blessed week. XO


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