DIY Designer Candle


In Monday’s ‘Weekend Wrap’ I promised to post a DIY project by the end of the week. Am I a tiny bit ashamed that I’ve waited until the last minute (technically, hour) to deliver on my promise? Yes. But am I delivering, nonetheless? Also yes. I have another awesome project on the way very soon, so I’m hoping that it will help mitigate the effects of my recent procrastination.

For me, this is a simple, yet, gratifying little project that can be done in under 20 minutes, and requires very little spending or prep on your part. The idea occurred to me as I was browsing the home décor section of a certain department store—we won’t name names, here—for a few candles to put around the house. I quickly realized, after checking the price tags on a couple of them, that I definitely couldn’t afford to purchase “a few” candles that day. In fact, I couldn’t afford to purchase one. As I’ve displayed for you above, we’re talking around fifty dollars for a 4oz candle. Seriously? I couldn’t do it.     *but oooohh how I wanted to*     I couldn’t’ get those labels, with such simple, clean lines and pretty little designs, out of my head. So, I decided to try and revamp my cheap ones. Using the designer candles as inspiration, I played around on my computer to create some generic (yet oh-so-chic) labels and then printed, cut and applied them myself. Let me tell you, I was more than pleased with the result. Such a simple little change made quite the difference, AND I paid $2.50 for the candle, so no complaints there.

What you’ll need:

– An inkjet printer

– 1 package of white, full sheet labels

– Your favorite dollar store candle

– Scissors

Start by removing the old labels from your candle.Then, print the design you want on the label paper, and cut it out. Carefully place the new label where you’d like it, light that bad boy and voila! A brand new, designer candle. Now, isn’t that better?

Below is a link to some of the labels I made. Each design is my own property, with no copyright or anything of that nature, so they’re yours to use if you’d like. I suggest clicking the particular image you want from the word document and dragging it to your desktop, so you can print/edit it with whatever program you like best. Also, this way, you’re able to adjust the size of the design to fit the candle.



IMG_0599 IMG_0598 IMG_0600


Have fun!


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