Weekend Wrap 10.6.14

Breakfast + Feedly + Fall Decor

Took a little walk to Native Sun for their amazing “Roots, Shoots & Fruits” juice
Newest decor addition: these killer geode coasters.
❤ ❤ @ Banana Republic
If you get a chance, try Season 52’s Autumn Vegetarian Tasting. Such a repeat-worthy meal.
All white pumpkins
Pretty, pretty.

 Some notable things occurred this weekend. For starters, the weather. Saturday and Sunday were literally perfection, as they never got above 79 degrees. This resulted in open windows, pants with lightweight sweaters, and finally being able to walk to the store and back without breaking a sweat. That’s progress, people. Also, Nordstrom and Trader Joe’s have officially arrived and opened in Jacksonville… I predict some serious time spent at both. The prices and products at TJ’s had me spoiled, even in the brief period that I lived in Phoenix. And since Colt and I have been experiencing withdrawals lately, we’re thrilled to have access to the goodness, once again.

On a more personal note: Colt is currently working nights these days, leaving me a fair amount of alone time in the evenings, which I fill by some entry-level crafting (like some monochromatic and glammed-up pumpkins for the apartment—see the pics above) and binging on all the best short stories that American Literature has to offer. Despite the crazy schedule, we were able to fit in a great meal at Seasons 52 and some window-shopping on Saturday night. We’ve got a big week ahead, with more late nights, new recipes and maybe a DIY post or two, so I’ll be seeing y’all very soon.

P.S. If you aren’t already a major fan of Sam Smith’s soulful pipes, then this album will undoubtedly do the trick.

Get it here

Make it a great week! xo


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