Land of a Thousand Charms


Florida! “Fairyland that Nature blessed, fairer, far than all the rest; Land of sunshine, mirth and play, loved by all who come your way: On your head you wear green trees, on your breast, the singing seas: Richer than all Croesus’ wealth, rich in flowers, fruit and health: In the incense of your hair is the wine dispelling care: During each vacation time, dreams come true in your sweet clime: All who know your magic glow, ache to come…and hate to go!” This is Florida, according to the talented Tichnor Bros. of Boston, Mass., whose work is currently being showcased by the Boston Library, online. I came across it this morning and was completely enchanted. Although living in Florida is, indeed, a fantastic and (mostly) tropical bliss, there are the aspects of Florida life that tend to go unmentioned in the postcards (e.g. bugs and humidity). How refreshing it was, though, to come across these vintage American voices and be reminded of the truly remarkable features of our state. Upon investigation, I learned that these images are photographs of the original postcards, created by the Tichnor’s in the 1930’s and 40’s. There are no known restrictions or copyrights on the images which has me thinking PRINTS and lots of them for the apartment. What do you think?

7979430182_b7897539d7_b 7979431030_ba7e6de7ac_b 7979431210_5869c243a5_b 7979431358_980c2214a3_b 7979431668_28657234aa_b 7979432109_914af0f71c_b 7979432417_007125cc09_b 7979434486_271df87cf6_b 7979435663_0445595dfb_b(via Boston Library)


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