Weekend Wrap 9.29.14

Sand and City goes to Phoenix…

Our first stop after a 5 hour flight is always food. Z’tejas has the best Cilantro Chicken!
Skillet-baked cornbread, Phoenix style.
Melissa and I snuck off with some of the bridesmaids to have our nails done at the fabulous My iNails salon while the boys spent the day golfing.
Enjoying friends and family at the rehearsal dinner
The Villa Siena venue was breathtaking, with vine covered walls, cobblestone masonry and vintage, Tuscany chandeliers, gracing the expansive ceiling-spaces.
But seriously… how cute is this butter?


We’re just getting settled back home after our fun (but far too short) trip to Arizona. Much of our time was spent setting up and running pre-wedding errands with family members, but we enjoyed just being in their company. The bride, Melissa, and her family did such a phenomenal job with the planning and were glowing on the day of the event. We’re overjoyed to have been a part of their special day. For now its back to our day-to-day lives *and suddenly cooler weather* here in Jax.

Happy Monday y’all!


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